PVCF Winter Rowing Program


This program is designed to help you go into those WODs stronger, faster, and with a game plan. Do you want to increase your endurance and greatly improve your rowing technique? Do you want to learn a multitude of strategies to better understand the rowing machine and how to approach workouts that involve rowing?


The rowing machine can be a dreaded beast when it shows up in a WOD. Join the winter rowing program: have fun and tame the beast!

Keep Pace with the Program!

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PVCF Winter Rowing Program


  • Begins on: Tuesday November 29th.
  • Meet’s: Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30PM – Northampton
    and Sunday 9AM – Northampton
  • Hosted and Programmed by: Liz Eleftherakis

Pricing Structure Monthly:


  • Master’s Program – May attend for free
  • Gold Members – May attend for free
  • Silver Members/Student’s, Local Hero’s – Do a $30 or upgrade to Gold access
  • Blue Members – $40 per month
  • Non Members – $75 per month

Meet PVCF Rowing Coach Liz:


Liz Eleftherakis began rowing in 1997. She rowed competitively in high school and in college at UMass Amherst. She has coached numerous youth, adult, and Learn to Row Programs. She worked as an assistant coach at Cape Cod Rowing and as head coach for Pleasant Bay Community Boating.

Workouts and Discussion may be accessed through our Facebook Group:

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For more information please contact: info@pioneervalleycrossfit.com