“Mobilization techniques will help resolve pain, improve position and address short and tight muscles, soft tissue and joint capsule restriction, motor control problems, joint range of motion (ROM) limitations, and neural dynamic issues.”

– Kelly Starrett, The Supple Leopard

Is Mobility Class for Me?
If you use your body, then you need to take care of it! Beyond this, if there is a movement that you simply have not been able to perform yet during your workouts, mobilizing will help you get full range of motion in your joints and tissues. Perhaps you are recovering from an injury or surgery and you need a game plan for your recovery? Come on in to Mobility Class and we will help you!

Group Mobility Classes
Post-WOD Mobility Classes are currently being offered on Sunday mornings at 11:15 am after the Northampton team workout, and on Friday mornings at 10:05 am after the Hadley class workout. Each class will run for about 30 minutes, addressing 2 lower and 2 upper body areas, and will include the use of foam rolling, bands, PNP stretching and the lacrosse ball to stretch, smash and floss different areas of our anatomy.

Personalized 1:1 Mobility Sessions
Meet with the Mobility Coach to devise a mobility plan specific for issues you are having in the gym, to help you meet your exercise goals and improve range of motion and flexibility, and to prevent and/or rehabilitate from injury. The plan will be customized and then demonstrated to you, making sure you can achieve the proper positioning to optimize your performance and overall wellness. During your session(s), you will use some of the same techniques that are used in the group classes, but you may also receive a full FMS screening, hands-on techniques and corrective exercises that are specific to your needs.

laurenAbout the Mobility Coach
Lauren Abend is a licensed Sports Massage Therapist who operates an independent practice in Hadley. She has been a Crossfit athlete for over 3 years and participates in other athletic endeavors such as running, biking, hiking and soccer. She is also a mother to two athletic sons. Lauren is passionate about movement and wellness, and is excited to help facilitate your path toward wellness and optimal functional movement.
Please join her group classes, which are free to Crossfit members, or sign up for one or more private mobility sessions.