If you’re a local business/corporation looking to provide your employees with a health-conscious benefit, Pioneer Valley CrossFit can help. We offer corporate CrossFit programs and/or special classes dedicated to help your employees to improve personal health, teamwork, collaboration and inter-personal relationships. Because CrossFit is a holistic lifestyle commitment, we incorporate discussions on nutrition, life balance and goal setting into the program.
Our team’s ability to work with large groups , as well as our individual coaching expertise, allows us to structure a program that will improve your employees health and wellbeing while, at the same time, strengthening your corporate culture.  We have run programs for many local businesses and have the ability to tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of business owners and their employees.
We can also help you organize internal team building events and client outings using CrossFit coaching methodologies to strengthen team cohesion.  All movements can be scaled and modified so that everyone can participate.

Please contact: perrin@pioneervalleycrossfit.com for more information on how Pioneer Valley CrossFit can help your business.