Our Competitor Program is specifically designed for athletes who are intent on competing in the “Sport of Fitness”. Athletes must have had a significant amount of CrossFit class exposure, be self-disciplined and motivated, have adequate flexibility, and be able to perform the majority of Rx’d movements and loads. For those reasons, this program is by admission only. PVCF’s Competitor Program is designed for the athlete who has chosen CrossFit as their sport. Our Competitor Team works together throughout the year to prepare for the “Season” which begins with the annual CrossFit Open. The Open is a five-week online, world-wide event which qualifies individuals and teams for the CrossFit Regionals. From Regionals, qualifying individuals and teams advance to The Games. This is known as the “Sport of Fitness”. The PVCF Competitor Team is expected to attend the designated Competitor Classes three days a week, and then complete the remainder of their weekly programming during Open Gym hours.

If you are interested in being a part of the PVCF Competitor Program, or would like to know how to progress toward joining the Program, please email: ari@pioneervalleycrossfit.com.